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Stretchy Fabric

Nylon spandex fabric is a 4 way stretch fabric designed for any physical activity wear due to its flexibility and elasticity. The word “nylon” is a generic term referring to a family of polyester fabrics used in making various types of clothing. Unlike traditional materials like cotton and wool, nylon is entirely synthetic and contains no organic components. Lycra is the brand name for a type of spandex. In turn, spandex is made up of a long series of polyurethane. Spandex is designed so that it can be stretched to a certain limit and return to its original shape when released. 4 way stretch fabric by the yard.


Because of its strength and elasticity, spandex usually doubles the lifespan of the garment. When well taken care of, spandex fabric can last for years. Therefore, a blend of Spandex and Nylon creates an athletic fabric that is durable, versatile, resilient, and has good shape retention.

Durable and comfortable

Moreover, Nylon spandex material has excellent strength and is incredibly resistant to abrasion. This is one reason it is used in many sports like figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, and yoga. It does have good elastic recovery. That means you can stretch it to its limits, and it won’t quickly lose its shape. Nylon also has good resistance to UV rays. That is why it’s also a popular choice for many swimwear. 4-way Spandex stretch material allows you to feel cool and comfortable while moving.

Quick Drying

Nylon Spandex is also known as a moisture wicking fabric. It prevents you from overheating due to nylon’s breathability and quick drying. Therefore, it became popular as a nylon spandex swimwear fabric as well as bathing suit material.


And since it’s stretchy and offers a comfortable fit, it is used by many competitive sportsmen. It “sticks” well to the skin and is very light, allowing for better aerodynamics. Also, clothing manufacturers use Nylon Lycra fabric widely for form-fitting and streamlined clothes, such as yoga pants and tights. Nylon Stretchy fabric became well-known as a compression fabric for women’s compression stockings. When it comes to children’s sportswear and swimwear, the fact that your kids are wearing something with no loose openings eliminates safety concerns. Activewear made of Nylon Polyester Spandex fabric allows kids more dynamic movements, such as running and jumping. And since it is naturally stretchy, they fit more comfortably.


Stretch Nylon Spandex Fabric is a durable, soft-to-touch tricot fabric ideal for swimming costumes, sportswear, dancewear, form-fitting apparel, leggings, board shorts, bikinis, and more! Nylon Spandex fabric by the yard is available in a variety of colors and sizes for your choice!

  • Fabric Weight: 200 GSM; Lightweight
  • Fabric Width: 58″-60″; 147-150 cm
  • Fibre Content: % 82 Nylon,18% Spandex
  • Stock-selling Unit: We sell fabric by the yard and cut to order. We will be cutting and shipping the fabric in one continuous piece unless requested otherwise. 1yard=36”=3feet=91cm
  • Elasticity: 4-way Stretch
  • Pattern: Plain/Solid
  • Washing instructions: To achieve the best results for Nylon spandex fabric, we recommend hand-wash in cool water, hang to dry out of direct sunlight, and not bleach
  • Country of origin: China

          Fabric photos may be slightly different from actual items in terms of color due to the lighting and/or monitor’s display. We do our best to display the colors of the products, as accurately as possible


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